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The Imitation of Christ

by Thomas a Kempis

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Thomas a Kempis' "The Imitation of Christ" is a classic Christian devotional book that has brought understanding and comfort to millions for centuries. Both Protestants and Catholics — as well as mystics and historians of religious thought — have studied these meditations on the life and teachings of Jesus, finding in them a path to prayer and spiritual guidance. Written in a candid and conversational style, The Imitation of Christ discusses liberation from worldly inclinations, recollection as a preparation for prayer, the consolations of prayer, and the place of eucharistic communion in a devout life. With its simple, readable text, this translation will appeal to new readers as well as to those already familiar with this religious classic.




















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For true peace of heart is to be found in resisting passion, not in yielding to itWhen suffering injuries he grieveth more for the others malice than for his own wrong; when he prayeth heartily for those that despitefully use him, and forgiveth them from his heart; when he is not slow to ask pardon from others; when he is swifter to pity than to anger; when he frequently denieth himself and striveth altogether to subdue the flesh to the spiritThat We Must Rest In God Above All Goods And GiftsAs F.R.Cruise says in his authoritative work on a Kempis, Beyond doubt, the Imitation most perfectly reflects the light which Jesus Christ brought down from heaven to earth, and truthfully portrays the highest Christian philosophyAnd when even a little trouble befalleth us, too quickly are we cast down, and fly to the world to give us comfortBe thou never without something to do; be reading, or writing, or praying, or meditating, or doing something that is useful to the communityWherein Firm Peace Of Heart And True Profit ConsistYes, it's really, really Catholicthey can't pray outside an institution like church, altar, any absence of a symbol or sign)Reading this book this morning was like drinking deep of Christ's love719The same thing does not need to be said a thousand times - it only needs to be really heard, and then lived1 from The Imitation of Christ, Chapman & Hall (1878) Our world will never change until we, collectively, change our heart attitudesThe same thing does not need to be said a thousand times - it only needs to be really heard, and then livedvan Bekkum, Arie LLook well unto thyself, and beware that thou judge not the doings of othersFrom the very earliest accounts of monastic practice it is evident that a form of reading called lectio divina was essential to any deliberate spiritual lifeAll this to say, I don't remember all of the reasons why this book is so invaluableOne hath said, As oft as I have gone among men, so oft have I returned less a manIt is dense stuff: one strong piece of advice after another, page after pageRen Girard wrote: "Neither does Jesus propose an ascetic rule of life in the sense of Thomas Kempis and his celebrated Imitation of Christ, as admirable as that work may be".[70]CHAPTER XIIHe seems to contradict himself.This book was okayWe ought daily to renew our vows, and to kindle our hearts to zeal, as if each day were the first day of our conversion, and to say, Help me, O God, in my good resolutions, and in Thy holy service, and grant that this day I may make a good beginning, for hitherto I have done nothing!The beginning of all temptations to evil is instability of temper and want of trust in God; for even as a ship without a helm is tossed about by the waves, so is a man who is careless and infirm of purpose tempted, now on this side, now on that 5d8a9798ff

Thomas a Kempis


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